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1. Choose the pricing package applicable to your business.

Pricing Packages

2. Your new Accountant will be in touch to get you set up.

If your moving from an existing bookkeeper or accountant, or clearing the decks and starting fresh, Your Eazybooks Accountant will get you started timely and easily.

3. Say goodbye to paper.

No more Posting in big brown envelopes or storing and hauling around bulky folders.

Use our EazyBooks app designed especially for our clients enabling you to effortlessly send your accountant your receipts, Invoices and important business documents.

That's it, Your part done.

4. Get your reports.

As your accountant processes and reconciles your monthly accounts in real time, get your reports sent directly to your account on the app. Company accounts and tax returns all there for you neatly filed and secure in your EazyBooks app account.

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Pricing Packages


Smaller Sole Traders, Micro Entities, One Man Bands and Start Ups



Larger Sole Traders Or Smaller Limited Companies and VAT Registered Businesses



Perfect Package for smaller limited Companies and VAT Registered businesses



A popular package for SME's with more employees and account transactions


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